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5 Marketing Tips Financial Advisors Can’t Ignore

5 Marketing Tips Financial Advisors Can’t Ignore

Ready to kick your marketing plan into overdrive this year? With the abundance of challenges and changes facing the financial industry today you need to ensure your firm remains relevant to clients and new investors. Your attention and ability to adapt to theirpreferences and expectations is crucial.

The role of your marketing department is and will continue to be under an enormous amount of pressure to change and develop new strategies to meet asset and revenue goals. Marketing efforts must evolve from old school “batch-and-blast” methods to strategies developing client intimacy and long-term client engagement.

Effective marketing delivers a targeted message, showcases your areas of expertise and value you provide, creating a demand for your products and services.

Your marketing plan should be as unique as your firm, but there are some basics advisors need to consider.

1)      Be Client Focused & See It Their Way

Today’s client won’t hesitate to walk away from your firm if you don’t meet their needs. Client-focused experience is critical to growth and ensures your clients are at the center of your firm’s philosophy. Create a service model to engage with clients beyond the scope of typical conversation; anticipate their needs and follow up on opportunities.

2)      Identify Your Niche – You Can’t Be All Things To All People

Many advisors fear focusing on niche markets limits their opportunities. In reality, the opposite typically occurs and your firm is positioned to demonstrate your expertise more effectively. Make it a priority to identify and understand your niche market inside and out. Create key marketing messages that speak to each niche and attract them to your firm.

3)      Use Segmentation To Ensure Your Content Is Valuable

Top producing firms provide targeted information based on client need. Avoid wasting precious time and dollars on masses of generic miscellaneous communication. An enhanced segmentation method is one of the first steps advisors can make for greater efficiency and ultimately improved profitability. By focusing on client behaviors, assets held outside of your firm, and specific challenges and needs of each segment, you will reach higher levels of engagement and response rates, resulting in shorter conversion cycles.

 4)      Optimize Your Website

Your website is a marketing opportunity that can’t be overlooked. It is a well-known fact that prospective clients will look for your online presence before making contact or deciding to do business with you. Be proactive and make certain that each page of your site is up to date with correct information. Provide value through your site with articles, blogs, and case studies that are fresh, engaging, and resonate with your target audience.

5)      Communicate Your Message

The methods you use to communicate with clients and prospects are vital to your marketing plan and strategy.

A successful communication plan enhances relationships once you determine the preferred and expected communication methods from your market versus methods easiest for your firm. Leverage social media to expand your reach, increase brand awareness, and position your firm as industry experts.

By applying each of these marketing basics, your firm will create a client-centric culture with targeted messages to reach your market. Keep in mind, it’s about your client, not you. Each of the 5 basics will help you shape your final marketing plan.

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