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5 Simple Ways to Prospect With Twitter

  • By Ironstone
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  • April 23, 2014
Photo credit: ©iStock/Getty Images/Thinkstock
Photo credit: ©iStock/Getty Images/Thinkstock

Creating a social media presence can be one of the best marketing moves you make for your firm. According to a study by LinkedIn and Cogent Research, 5 million investors use social media to research their financial decisions.

Social media is the hot button in the playing field; providing your firm with brand awareness, established credibility, increased traffic to your website, and new channels to fill your prospect and referral pipelines.

Twitter has a greater reach than traditional marketing methods and offers businesses a cost-effective alternative to engage with target markets; and a means to providing solutions and valuable content to your online community of followers.

The study by LinkedIn and Cogent Research reveals more than 90% of high-net-worth investors participate in social media. Old marketing methods need to be tossed out and replaced with a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to position your firm as a leader in the industry.

  • USE TWITTER SEARCH:  Utilize Twitter’s search feature to find prospects in your target market. Your prospect pipeline will fill quickly.
  •  CREATE A TWITTER LIST:  Create a private Twitter list and include your prospective clients. Monitor their tweets to gain insight to their passions and needs; allowing you the opportunity to provide solutions.
  • PROMOTE EVENTS:  Webinars and workshops are a great way to position yourself as an industry thought leader and make new connections.
  • RETWEET, FAVORITE, AND REPLY:  Engage in conversations with your prospects. Remember, a relationship will build over time. Interact with others just as you would in person.
  • SHARE RELEVANT CONTENT:  Share quality, beneficial, and relevant industry content with your online community. This will help position you as an influential leader.

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