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Advisors, Consider These Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

  • By Ironstone
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  • October 30, 2018

Struggling with what to offer your clients as a thoughtful holiday gift? Here are some inexpensive ideas that will warm their hearts and deliver the perfect touch at this special time of year.

Holiday Cards

At the bare minimum, you should send a holiday card with warm wishes for your client and their family. If you have a great family photo to share, include it.

Make sure it’s a branded card that features your logo either on the outside or inside. This is not the time for generic Christmas cards. If you don’t have a local designer to craft a personal card, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with low-cost designers that deliver exceptional work.

Also, make sure you and your team members each sign it personally. If you have lots of client cards to sign, order in lunch for your staff and schedule a card signing extravaganza! The recipients will notice and appreciate it was actually hand signed.

Gift Certificates for Sweets

Several Ironstone clients include a $20+ gift certificate to a local sweets shop or bakery in their card. The beauty of gift certificates is there is a dual value. First, the client receives it and it’s a very warm gesture when it’s inserted in your Holiday card. While 100% of them enjoy your thoughtful gift, only a certain percentage of them will actually use it.

For those that do, they’re able to enjoy some sweet treats and make some memories together thanks to you. For those that don’t, they still remember that you sent it and appreciate that.

Best of all? You don’t have to actually buy gift certificates, but instead create vouchers that the bakery can tally and then let you know the total amount submitted. That way you aren’t investing in actual gift certificates that might sit in a drawer and never be used.

Of course, you arrange this with the bakery (or whatever business you choose) ahead of time and show them the voucher so they are aware they’re coming.

Pies & Baked Goods

One advisor we coach has a very popular bakery in their town known for their freshly baked pies. They select three flavors and email their clients to let them know they can RSVP for their favorite flavor and pick it up on a particular day close to the holidays.

This simplifies and centralizes the pie distribution by having clients come pick them up during a specific window of time, and it also gets them in your office so you can wish them a Happy Holiday in person. It’s always nice when folks have non-financial reasons to drop in, so it doesn’t feel like every interaction is financially related. Plus, they get a delicious pie to enjoy with their family!

This works well at Thanksgiving too, as a special way of saying thanks.

In Conclusion

This time of year is the perfect chance to celebrate those we love and mean the most to us. By paying special attention to the way you acknowledge your client relationships, they’ll know they matter to you and will always remember your thoughtful gesture.

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