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Advisors, Here are 5 Things Your Website May Be Missing

  • By Ironstone
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  • July 31, 2018

If you think using a simple website template and slapping your logo up top is going to impress visitors of your advisory firm’s website, think again.

Consider how much value each prospect could potentially bring to your firm. As the old adage says “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” So, it’s critical for you to put your best foot forward for potential clients visiting your website.

Here are the Top 5 Things Your Website is Likely Missing

1. Unique Messaging

Did you create original content for your website? Or was it passed along from the marketing department of your broker? If you simply default to basic messaging, you’ll never stand apart from your competition.

Instead, consider how you can highlight what’s unique about your firm.

  • Do you have a distinct client niche? (divorcees, professional athletes, military families, etc.)
  • Do you have a tried-and-true on-boarding process that puts prospects at ease?
  • Do you support high profile charities or other local causes in the community?
  • Do your team bios humanize each member of your staff?
  • Do you have a strong tagline that encapsulates your firm and your brand?

If you don’t sound like you, you’ll sound like everybody else.

2. Relevant Imagery

Have you considered your firm’s approach, niche audience and geographic location and how that may resonate with prospects through imagery on your website?

  • Embrace the beauty or unique nature of your local area.
  • Live on the coast? Share imagery of the water, bridges flora and fauna in your area.
  • Primarily focus on widows? Let’s see them engaging happily with their peers.
  • Located in Colorado and cater to young families? Let’s see them skiing together.

The key is putting careful thought to your site’s imagery and making sure it reflects your unique identity; thereby helping prospects relate to your firm.

3. Video

There’s no better way to help prospects feel like they’ve met you before they actually meet you than video. They’ll hear your voice. Witness your body language. See your space. Meet your team.

This can put them at ease and feel better about making the initial contact request, now that they better know what to expect at the initial consultation.

Also, having a company video is a handy marketing tool to easily post on social media networks to connect with new audiences and potential clients!

4. Mobile Performance

A good number of your clients will be exploring your website on tablets or smartphones. Perhaps a third, or even more! Do you know what your site looks like on these devices?

A site set up to universally look good on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices is known as “responsive.” This is not optional these days, but instead a requirement.

Bonus tip: make sure Google Analytics is installed on your website. In addition to all sorts of other website reporting, this free program will help you know exactly what number of visitors are coming from mobile, and even from what specific geographic location!

If you haven’t checked out your site on a smartphone, go take a look. You might be surprised what prospects are seeing.

5. Call to Action

Are you making “the ask?” So many websites fail to encourage visitors to take the next step!

Whether it’s asking them to call/contact for a free consultation, download a free resource or take a “quiz”, you must ask them to take a step via a strong call to action.

Think about what you want your users to do. Then ask them!

Next Steps

Think you need help in the digital department? We have many resources to share with you. Simply drop us a line and we’ll put you in touch with our industry experts!

Are you just getting by or are you getting better? Get started today!

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