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Andrea Schlapia Speaks at Raymond James 25th Annual Women’s Symposium

  • By Ironstone
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  • September 14, 2019

This week, Ironstone Founder Andrea Schlapia had a chance to address a group of attendees at the 25th Annual Raymond James Women’s Symposium in Orlando, FL.

Andrea was very impressed by the keynote speaker at the opening session, Nicole Malachowski, First Female U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Pilot.

Nicole’s message was built around these words of wisdom: “Breaking barriers requires integrity. You must maintain fidelity to who you truly are.”

Also speaking at the event was Amy Cuddy, a renowned social psychologist, author and speaker who gained fame for her inspirational TED Talk on body language which has been viewed 54+ million times.

This uplifting and empowering start to the symposium was perfect, and had many people striking power poses all over the conference.

Here, Andrea connects with a few of her clients and snaps a photo of Raymond James’ Renee Baker and David Sisemore in their confidence pose!

In Andrea’s packed session, she encouraged a powerful group of female financial advisors to transcend boundaries and challenge limits.

Based on this excited group and their Amy Cuddy-inspired “power poses,” Andrea clearly connected with her attendees!

Need a speaker at your event? Andrea gives dynamic and engaging presentations across North America and would love to learn more about your event when you contact us.

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