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Assess Your Practice

Answer these critical questions and get your firm’s Fundamental 4™ score!

Why should I take this practice assessment?

Performing a “gap analysis” at any stage of your practice will help you better perform and move closer to the effective and growing practice you envision. The most critical aspect of the analysis is being open, honest and thoughtful with your answers. This will be a solid starting point to begin identifying problems and shortcomings and then adjusting your strategies to realign with your goals and objectives.

How will my practice benefit from this assessment?

  • Looking through the lens of Ironstone Fundamental 4™ will provide a laser focus on the major elements of your practice throughout the analysis:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Development
    • Operational Effectiveness
    • The Human Element
  • Gain insight into vital areas that need improvement
  • Uncover any unaddressed weakness and focus your energy
  • Prioritize needs and determine timelines for implementation
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Make better-informed decisions and enjoy newfound clarity for you and your team

Ready to assess your practice and move towards a healthier and productive place?