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Client Holiday Gift Ideas for Financial Advisors

As Q4 gets underway, it often feels like time is on fast-forward between now and year-end. To make sure you stay ahead of any holiday deadlines, here are several client gift ideas that will help you celebrate in style and on budget.

Segment Your Clients

As with any aspect of your firm’s offerings or perks, you should be tailoring them to each level of client. By segmenting your clients into A, B and C levels, for example, you can make sure all clients are acknowledged at the holidays, while providing special touches for mid and upper tier clients.

Greeting Cards

In an increasingly digital world where many holiday greetings are now sent in a generic email, printed greeting cards are still noticed and appreciated by clients. Just make sure you’re either purchasing quality cards or having a designer create a custom card that represents your brand. Checking this item off the list now allows plenty of time to design and print your cards well in advance of the holidays.

If you have a smaller staff with enough space for signatures to fit, hand signing each of the cards helps to personalize them. When your cards arrive, order lunch for your staff and set up an assembly line with some holiday tunes playing in the background. You’ll have them signed in no time, and this will feel like a fun team activity as the holidays draw near.

Some advisors send Thanksgiving cards to show their appreciation to clients, which can stand out from the majority of cards that arrive in December. No matter when you send your cards, hand addressing the envelopes is a nice touch and seasonal stamps or ones that represent the personality of your firm are always a good choice.

Thanks to the affordability of this holiday gesture, clients in every segment can receive these cards.

Flavorful Offerings From Your Area

For mid and upper level clients, some advisors enjoy providing delicious baked goods from beloved bakeries in their community as a holiday gift.

An advisor in South Carolina sends out a letter in early November offering three different flavors of pies from which clients can choose their favorite. The locally baked pies are all delivered fresh to the office the Tuesday before Thanksgiving for clients to pick up and share with their families during the holiday.

Don’t have a local bakery or shop? Don’t worry. You can always order from online brands that can be trusted for very fresh options and a wide variety of tasty treats. From Harry & David to Shari’s Berries and all sorts of other providers, you can find the perfect mix of sweets, confections, fresh fruit and healthy options.

Whether you buy something edible or a more traditional gift, try to find ways to personalize these presents from your firm. For example, maybe a ribbon you place around the packaging is one or more of your brand’s colors. Additionally, you could create gift tags with your logo and a brief holiday message of thanks from your team. Or tuck the greeting card mentioned earlier in this article under the ribbon as the message that goes along with the gift.

These design touches can further elevate an already wonderful gift.

Thoughtful Gifts for Top Tier Clients

For the very top portion of your A-list clients, you should put much thought into each of their gifts and make them as personal as possible. Think about the client, their hobbies, what they love, where they love to go, what’s happening in their life, etc.

Did they visit Napa this year and fall in love with a particular vineyard?

Consider buying a bottle of wine from that vintner.

Are they avid travelers?

Consider a subscription to a high-end magazine like Conde Nast Traveler or guide books to a few places they’ve always wanted to visit.

Do they love the arts? 

Consider a pair of tickets to a local professional theatre or a membership to your community’s art museum.

In each case where you carefully curate your very personal gifts, your thoughtfulness will shine through. Pair them with a handwritten note and these gifts are sure to be remembered while also immensely deepening your relationships.

Next Steps

Now that you’re inspired to get your holiday season ducks in a row, you should begin by making your list and checking it twice. Staying ahead of the holiday rush will be a wonderful way to allow yourself to enjoy the warmth and wonder of the season once it rolls around!

PS. If you need help navigating the practice management gauntlet and boosting the business side of your firm, give yourself the gift of a complimentary strategy session from Ironstone.  We’re here to help!