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  • By Michael Robbins
  • |
  • February 28, 2012


“The more we narrow our focus the greater our chance of achieving our goals with excellence.”

Consulting differs from coaching, in that Ironstone provides highly dedicated focus to bring meaningful change on one specific area within the Fundamental 4™, to meet a short-range or one-time need.  Our Independent objective counsel is designed with a step-by-step implementation approach that fits within the framework of your business and is uniquely customized to your desired outcomes for long term success.


Our most requested project areas are:

  •   In-Depth Business Analysis
  •   Hiring & Staffing
  •   Compensation Structure
  •   Client Segmentation and Service Matrix
  •   Capabilities Presentations
  •   Succession Planning

The logistics of our consulting programs are outlined below:


  •   Short-term engagements focused on specific project areas for full implementation – typically 3-6 months


  •   As needed engagements involving isolated performance areas to refine your business development needs

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