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Don’t Wait To Reward Great – 10 Traits That Equal Great Employees

  • By Andrea Schlapia
  • |
  • October 24, 2013
Photo courtesy of ©iStock/Thinkstock
Photo courtesy of ©iStock/Thinkstock
Don’t take greatness for granted. There are many choices employees have in today’s work environment. Retain great employees by recognizing their efforts on a regular but spontaneous basis. Clench special talents within your firm to avoid costly turnover.

10 Traits That Equal Great – Do You Recognize Any Of Your Employees?

Plays Well With OthersGreat employees are team players. They understand the value of working together to achieve results. A great team player contributes and encourages other team members.

DependableEmployees who are dependable, reliable and timely are harder to come by than you may imagine. When you can depend on an employee to finish projects on time be certain to reward their self-motivation. The performance of your firm is driven by employees who are proactive, leaders and followers.

Avoids GossipUnfortunately gossip is a common workplace hazard. Reward for avoiding gossip should be at the top of your great trait list. Gossip typically starts at the top. Employees who are secure in who they are will not participate in gossip. Because gossip is so destructive to a firm’s culture, it should be a zero tolerance zone.

Learns All Aspects of the Firm Employees who take their career seriously will want to learn all aspects of the firm. They understand they are part of the big picture and strive to learn the mechanics of the business. When an employee takes initiative to expand their knowledge, they will impact multiple areas within the firm in a positive way.

Is an Out-ThinkerThe best employees on your team may seem “different”. Nothing is wrong with “different”. In fact, these employees will typically go outside of the box providing innovative ideas that challenge status quo employees.

Finds Opportunity A valued employee will find opportunity in every situation. They commonly turn a challenge into an opportunity whether it be learning something new, refining an outdated process or networking to provide firm growth.

Saves Face I will never forget the time I was in a department store shopping for clothes and the manager forcefully corrected an employee in front of everyone including customers and other employees! This behavior is not secluded to management positions. Great managers and great employees will “save-face” of others by handling sensitive or corrective subjects in private while publicly praising their peers.

Nurtures OthersInspiring others to grow in their career is a hard to come by commodity. In today’s world most people have the, “I’m in it for me attitude”. Employees nurture growth of others by leading by example and encouraging others to reach their goals and full potential.

Stimulates a Positive ToneAmazing employees will set the stage for a positive day. Have you ever been around someone who carried a misplaced tone while putting everyone else in the office on egg shells for the next day, week or month? Great employees will keep it real and are not taking happy pills! They understand the dynamics of life and are able to provide positive energy in stressful times.

Communication ConnoisseurLast but not least, employees who will speak up when important issues or concerns arise are the lifeline to creating a positive office culture. Other employees may hesitate but a communication connoisseur carries remarkable attributes while having the ability to bring issues and concerns to the surface in a positive way.

Make every effort to show appreciation for great employees. When you value their contributions and let them know, you will challenge them to grow further than they may have imagined and while doing so you have just challenged yourself to grow as well.

Question:  What do your employees do that is great? Recognize your employees by sharing a comment with us here!

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Author Bio

Andrea Schlapia, RCC™, HCS, sHRBP, is the Founder and CEO of Ironstone, which represents the culmination of her 20+ year career within the financial services industry. Her experience began as a financial advisor evolving into a consultant coach for advisors entering the field. This ignited her passion to support others through learning and development of best practices in order to achieve substantial results. To this end, she followed her desire into positions of senior-level practice management specialists for Dreyfus, Prudential, and DWS Investments prior to the realization of Ironstone.  Andrea’s focus is on practice management strategies to enhance and improve both business and personal life. Andrea identifies 4 key performance areas known as the Fundamental 4™, which are required to design, develop, and sustain a successful business. Through coaching sessions and speaking engagements, she captivates her audience with interactive, high-energy presentations which are built with “how-to” strategies resulting in real-world implementation for significant impact. Andrea has been featured in multiple publications and audio broadcasts as a specialist and distinguished spokeswoman in the financial industry.