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Hear From Your Peers: Benefits of Partnering with TailorMade Financial

  • By Ironstone
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  • July 11, 2016

Rex Whiteside, a financial advisor with 20 years of experience and President of Whiteside Wealth Management, shares his thoughts on collaborating with TailorMade Financial to bring even better capabilities to his clients.

Rex Whiteside, Financial Advisor at Whiteside Wealth ManagementTailorMade Financial touts themselves as “the advisors to the advisors.” What circumstances or challenges at your firm led you to become interested in their services? Why did you need them?

TailorMade’s experience with high net worth families brought valuable insight into our estate planning strategies.

By bringing clarity to complex trust structures, they have helped us collaboratively craft sound recommendations to our clients and boosted our service offering in these areas.

From a firm standpoint, what are the greatest benefits of engaging with TailorMade Financial? What are you capable of now that you weren’t before?

After working with TailorMade, I am able to not only work in conjunction with my clients’ other advisors (CPA/Attorney) but I take the lead. For the clients who have a complicated family structure either for personal, business or tax reasons, I now have a toolkit capable of helping them solve their unique challenges.

For my business owners who are looking at a liquidity event or simply trying to get a handle on their family’s net worth, TailorMade has a defined process we use to help them understand their financial picture. This has been invaluable in designing the solution that best fits our clients’ needs.

From a client standpoint, what are the greatest benefits of engaging with TailorMade Financial? What are they receiving or enjoying now that they weren’t before?

Our clients get a team that works together solving their unique challenges. Most advisors work in a silo which can lead to a less than ideal solution. When all their advisors work together the client feels confidence in the strategy design.

What measurable impacts or results have been generated through your relationship with TailorMade Financial?

TailorMade is a big arrow in our capabilities quiver. Having them beside us as a professional partner gives us a huge competitive advantage against our peers. Their expertise with trust design and business valuation allows me to solve a lot of issues of which our clients had no awareness.

What would you tell an advisor that was considering using TailorMade Financial’s services?

TailorMade will make you a better advisor. As advisors we have to be knowledgeable in multiple areas. The area TailorMade specializes in is extremely complex and always changing. Having them as a professional partner makes me a better advisor for my clients.

Are you just getting by or are you getting better? Get started today!

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