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Foster, Strengthen & Maintain Relationships Through Client Appreciation Events

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  • May 18, 2012

Give your clients a reason to be loyal! Hosting client events are an integral part of your overall business strategy and comprehensive marketing plan. Taking the time and effort to plan targeted events will:

• help you foster, strengthen and maintain relationships with your best clients
• increase the percentage of wealth you manage for your clients
• generate referrals
• defend your position with competitors

Most advisors will agree that there is no better compliment than to receive a spontaneous referral. Incorporate a strategy in your marketing plan to generate quality referrals and networking opportunities through client appreciation events. When this strategy is integrated, advisors must commit to a specified amount of face time for client relationships to develop.
Be proactive and consider incorporating no less than 4 events each year. Plan a balanced mix of educational and social events. Social events can be planned for select groups of clients who share similar passions or consider hosting a large all-encompassing event.

Establish The Goal Of Your Event
Consider the goal of your event before you begin the planning process. Are you interested in connecting with a smaller group of people on a more personal basis or do you want to touch all of your clients? Your answer will determine the size and theme of your event.

Are Your Events Boring?
If you are finding that clients are not attending your events and not bringing guests, most often the reason is because your event is boring. Work towards success and make the engagement worthwhile so that you capture the interests of your clients. Learn the passions and interests of your clients and build events that will spur their interest.

Make Your Event Easy To Attend
Put extra effort in planning your event so that guests arriving feel welcome and comfortable from the time they arrive! Consider issues like transportation, parking, and a central location where your firm will greet and register your guests.

Ironstone offers an event planning checklist along with an event planning idea list to make your client appreciation events easy for you to plan.

Client Appreciation Event Ideas
• Open House
• Holiday Parties
• Gardening Classes
• Cooking Classes
• Movie Events
• Yoga Instruction
• Golf Instruction
• Retirement Parties
• Dance Instruction
• Financial Education Related Events
• Entertainment Events-dinner theater, comedy or magic show, fashion show
• Food, Drink & Tasting Events
• Charity Events
• Art Events
As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Keep an open mind and hone in on the passions of your clients.

Keys to Success
The success of your event will depend on your understanding of your objectives and how well you know your clients and their personal preferences. Be sure to address the following  key areas:
Define your objectives. What do you hope to accomplish (referrals, good will, etc.)?
• Choose the right event. What event will draw clients?
• Invite the right clients. Who should be invited (for smaller events) and how will you get them there?
• Pay attention to details. What needs to be planned to execute the event flawlessly?
• Convey your appreciation. What do you need to say to make your clients feel truly valued and want to tell their network about your firm?

And finally, DO NOT forget to follow up! Make it standard procedure to follow up with clients who attended and have written process for how and when the follow up will take place.

Ironstone can assist you in developing successful client appreciation events. We specialize in identifying gaps in your existing plan and will collaborate with you to develop solutions that are parallel in achieving the results your desire. Through our experience, there are vital steps in the event process that get overlooked.  Download our event planning checklist – 5.17.12Event Checklist

Contact us for assistance in starting and improving your Client Appreciation Events.  We want to hear from you!  Share your best ideas here!  What events has your firm hosted that produced the best results?  We always love hearing from you!

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