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Fundamental 2 – Business Development

  • By Michael Robbins
  • |
  • February 27, 2012

FUNDAMENTAL 2 – Business Development

The goal within Fundamental 2 is to create a clear strategy, a simple plan, and to carry out systematic execution that drives business building results.  This includes creating networks, niche targets and uniqueness within the industry.  It is not enough to create the company’s core values, vision, mission, and common message as a team, but to have these elements become “living” themes within a practice.  Incorporating these key elements into the marketing materials, the client experience, and team communication is essential.



Niche Marketing Who is your ideal client?  Decide a subset of the market you intend to focus your efforts on. Make use of the market needs to refine the product and services to best satisfy your target.
Branding and
Value Propositions
Create a distinct fingerprint that sets the practice apart.  Ensure brand uniqueness while effectively meeting client needs and creating the value promised.
What’s your story?  Personalize and package your client experience by organizing and illustrating the components of your brand and service offering.
Marketing Plan Define implementable marketing strategies, actions, and programs to target your ideal client.  Lay out tactics within segments, track activities and budgets, and analyze level of success.
Prospecting Systematically position the practice to attract new clients.  Choose the activities that will put you at your best in order to invoke natural enthusiasm to cultivate trusting relationships.
Referral Network Who best adds value to the business?  Identify the key people that promote business growth by sharing like clients and work together to build each other’s businesses.
Advisory Boards Select a cross section of your client base that will provide advice and objective feedback in order elevate the level of service and enhance the current client experience.
Client Appreciation Give clients a reason to be loyal.  Define and plan events or service offerings that intend to foster, strengthen, and maintain relationships.

*Any of the above KPI’s can be combined to form the basis of a workshop, performance coaching, or project consulting partnership.

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