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How to Boost Employee Engagement during Summer Months

  • By Andrea Schlapia
  • |
  • May 19, 2015

Employee Engagement Tips for Summer

Sunny skies and warm weather is on the horizon and if you’re like me, vacation time is calling your name. Summer has a tendency to zap employee engagement. In fact, a Captive Network study shows productivity drops 20 percent during summer months.

Employee engagement, combined with company culture, is a hot topic right now. Firms are looking for ways to incorporate actionable plans to keep team members engaged, productive, and happy. Each element directly impacts predicable levels of success and the bottom line.

With advanced planning, you can integrate strategies that support a healthy work-life balance. Here are a few tips advisory firms we work with use.

Promote Health and Well-Being

Tap into fitness and fun. Offer yoga classes, life coaches, meditation practices, healthy lunches, gym memberships, or a personal nutritionist. Practicing healthy lifestyles with a group is fun and holds everyone accountable.

Offer Flexibility

A popular option to spike morale is to adjust work hours. Consider enabling team members to come in later, leave early, or even start the weekend sooner by adjusting Friday hours. Employees who have more autonomy over how, where, and when they work manage job responsibilities better and tend to complete their work in less time allowing more time for fun.

Encourage Vacation

A study by Society for Human Resource Management found the majority of professionals believe employee wellness, morale, performance, and productivity are improved when vacation time is a priority. Those who use vacation time are healthier, less likely to suffer from burnout, and have higher energy and creativity levels contributing to the success of your firm. Leaders need to encourage everyone to ‘unplug’ from work by enjoying long weekends and taking vacation. Download the report here: Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement/ The Road to Economic Recovery

Make Your Environment Fun

Set time aside for relaxation. Host a company picnic, an all-expense paid visit to an ice cream truck, or an in-office chair massage. Small events like this elevate spirits and keep employees on track and focused.

Create Summer Goals

Review goals with team members. Employee engagement spikes when there is an understanding of how individual contribution relates to the success of your firm. Pinpoint a few small goals to complete during summer months and demonstrate how each project will provide favorable outcomes for everyone.

Hire an Intern

A summer intern can provide extra support on projects, fill in during vacation time, and offer fresh ideas. Assign an intern to serve as a personal assistant to team members for a specified amount of time. Empower employees with authority to direct the intern that best supports completion of any projects and responsibilities.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

Don’t overlook the value of saying “thank you.” Appreciation doesn’t need to be expensive. Schedule time to meet with your team at the beginning of summer to spawn renewed interest, energy, and reduce the risk of low engagement levels. The key is to express gratitude on a regular basis, not just during annual reviews.

Offer Paid Time “ON”

Offer employees paid time to volunteer at their favorite charity or community organization. Practicing acts of kindness is linked to happiness and creates a culture of gratitude that boosts morale and is healthy for your business.

Provide Additional Training

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean training should come to a halt. Employers who promote personal development reap the benefits of skilled, knowledgeable, confident, and satisfied personnel. Offer learning opportunities through webinars or online training tutorials directly related to job functions.

Utilize Motivational Speakers

After I listen to a motivational speaker, I’m fired up and ready to tackle whatever comes my way. Schedule a motivational speaker each month during the summer. By sharing stories of adversity and achieving goals, they provide inspiration, increase engagement, and productivity. TED talks has a library full of motivating resources you should utilize.

Show your team you value and understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance by offering opportunities to them to take a break from daily stress. In the long haul, you will boost employee engagement, morale, and loyalty.

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