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Mentoring Your Team Of Successors

  • By Ironstone
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  • November 3, 2015

Mentoring Your Team Of Successors

Event Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

(1:00 pm EDT – 2:00 pm EDT)

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Don’t let transition shock your team…

You’ve worked hard to build your practice. You have spent countless hours prospecting for clients, earning their trust, and building lifelong relationships with them. How do you ensure a successful transition when it comes time to pass the torch to the next generation?

You need to utilize best practices to mentor and groom your team of successors. Becoming an “official” mentee is more than just morphing into a sponge. Mentees are required to engage, ask questions, organize, think, and take full ownership of the relationship in order to wring out every ounce of value a mentor can provide.

In this webinar Connie Deianni, Mentoring and Employee Engagement Expert, will discuss how your team members can become successful mentees and capitalize on the opportunity that a mentoring relationship can provide.

  • Characteristics of a successful mentee
  • The art of setting goals
  • How to manage the mentoring process

The mentor process is a privilege, not an entitlement, and when done well can change the course of not just your career, but your life!

  • Financial Advisors
  • Associate Advisors
  • Client Service Professionals
  • Leaders and Managers
  • Organizational Development Professionals

Connie Deianni founded Corepoint as an extension of her passion for designing and delivering employee engagement programs to large, small, and non-profit entities. Corepoint represents 30+ years of employee engagement in the financial services and non-profit industries.

Through trial and error coupled with the ability to “really listen,” Connie has honed best practices which support mentor programs; programs that enjoy longevity past the initial launch period and continue to flourish where the mentor concept ultimately becomes the culture of the organization.

As an experience presenter, Connie provides engaging, dynamic, and interactive presentations focused on mentoring, career building, networking, diversity, and employee engagement. These insightful presentations leave her audience with best practices, tools to implement immediately, and the creative energy to make changes in their own organizations.

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Ironstone is a learning and development consultancy with business acumen that translates across many industries. Our focus is on practice management strategies in order to enhance and improve both business and personal life. We support professionals who want major and comprehensive improvements that look at all aspects not just an isolated area for change. Ironstone has identified 4 key performance areas known as the Fundamental 4™, which are required to design, develop, and sustain a successful business.