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Purposeful Action – It’s a Choice…

If you’ve been watching the latest of the Biggest Loser you will know that Danny (Black Team Member) just came back for the weigh-in and lost 15 pounds after being at home for an entire week without “The Ranch”.

iStock_000007192634MediumYou say, how is this possible without the gym just steps away from their sleeping quarters, Gillian the trainer, not to mention the tricked-out kitchen with all the right stuff.

Well my friends, it’s a choice!  Brilliant job Danny!  Of all his Black Team members, Danny was the only one that made a very simple yet impacting choice.  He didn’t go out to eat but made all his meals at home.  His commentary during the show was the reason for this was he knew what was going into the food, portion control, and role modeling for his family.  Picture this; grill master, skewered meat and veggies, family chats poolside.  What more could one ask for?

So what’s the point… what are you doing on a daily basis to get you one-step closer to your goal? Are you purposeful in your actions?  To often the blame game happens and we can identify all reason why we are unsuccessful or didn’t reach that next level.  What’s that long time ago ad from Susan Powers, “Stop the Madness”.

Start with a long-range view of 2010.  Fast forward to December 31, 2010 – just as the clock strikes midnight look over your shoulder and say, well done!  Write yourself a congratulations letter for all your accomplishment in 2010.

“Andrea, I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of you for all your accomplishments!  The new adventure as entrepreneur, the hard body you have become from those long work outs and the “putting yourself first” commitment you have kept throughout the year has brightened your inner light and other see it.”

Maybe to mushy for you but you get the idea.  Be specific in your accolades,

Move to a short-range view of those accomplishments and plan out what needs to happen on a quarterly, monthly, even weekly basis to make it all come true.  Keep this as your personal GPS for the year to stay on track.

As for the letter, seal it up and put it in safekeeping to pull out as the clock strikes the bewitching hour of midnight 2010.  Hopefully you’re not disappointed!working