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Putting the Power of Task Lists to Work

Think about your financial advisor practice and ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Do we have standard operating procedures?
  • Are we treating every client consistently?
  • Or are we just winging it and hoping we get it right day to day?

If you don’t have written task lists for each member of your organization, I promise you it’s almost impossible to have your firm run like the well-oiled machined it could potentially be.

In my latest video, see how task lists will be a powerful part of converting your business from chaos to calm.

I have a client who recently told me that they used to feel like they “were all flying by the seat of our pants.”

Fortunately, we carefully created detailed job descriptions and task lists for the entire crew, and they are now enjoying a measured, purposeful approach to every day.

“Task Lists are the antidote to uncertainty and complexity.” – Andrea Schlapia

Instead of having that sinking feeling of unpredictability as you walk into your business each morning, embrace the power of task lists and you’ll instantly see positive changes in your practice.

If you need help implementing task lists for your team or assistance in any other area of practice improvement, we’re here for you. Your first task on the list is to contact us!