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Getting the right people in the right seats is crucial to your success. That’s why our Ironstone team works tirelessly to help advisors like you gain control, boost morale and grow your practice. We’ve also built a network of strategic partners – from copywriters and video producers to recruiters, tech stack experts, and RIA transition consultants. So, no matter what you need, we’re ready when you are. Scroll down to get the inside story on the people behind our practice.

Andrea Schlapia

Andrea Schlapia


Jessica Gallagher

Jessica Gallagher

Practice Manager

Jessica Gallagher

Jessica Gallagher

Practice Manager

Jessica began her career in TV, a visual medium that honed her innate artistic talent.

From Jersey Girl…

I was born in Jersey City, but my family moved to the suburbs when I was 18 months old. I was a straight-A student throughout high school and graduated with honors. From there, I went to Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, New Jersey, then transferred to Montclair State University, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Television Production.

While in college, I got an internship at the local TV station, News 12 New Jersey in Edison. The program had students rotate through different departments. I started in editing and always thought I was going to be a video editor. But when I moved to the studio and started directing the news, I knew I belonged in that director’s chair. After graduation, I freelanced there for two years, then got a full-time job as a director.

Eventually, I took the next logical step in media by going to New York City. I started logging videotapes at NBC for a year, followed by a position doing lighting for MSNBC. As fast-paced as television is, I like and handle stress very well. It fuels me. But as a passionate animal lover, I wanted to do something with animals. So I left TV and worked for a veterinarian, then as an assistant office manager and customer service representative for an all-natural pet food manufacturer.

Then, right after New Year’s 2019, I felt ready to try something new. I decided to strike out on my own to explore a variety of entrepreneurial options.

Launching a solo business helped Jessica discern her true calling, which led her to Ironstone.

…To Designing Woman

While working on my branding, I discovered that I had a real love for graphic design and content creation. I began freelancing for a range of clients: For two years, I helped a woman create listing images for an Etsy shop that sells children’s items, and I produced the marketing materials and blog for a financial services professional, among other design projects.

Andrea hired Jessica as Ironstone’s design lead, charged with refreshing the company’s graphics and marketing.

A Boss & A Champion

From the first moment I spoke with Andrea, I felt an immediate connection. There was an ease of conversation with her that just felt effortless and natural. She brings a sense of humor and energy to her business that I wanted to work for and be part of. She created this marketing position for me and has been a champion of my designs. I have been able to rework and take Ironstone’s branding to a new level, and to incorporate new graphic looks on our website and social media channels.

At Ironstone, Jessica has found an ideal outlet for her creativity.

Setting the Tone, Leading the Team

Andrea exudes creative energy that inspires me and boosts my confidence. She knows how to be a team leader, yet she also understands the people she leads. She lets each of us use our expertise and talent without interference, which makes the company function well. Andrea is the first boss I’ve ever had who raises her team. She sets a very positive atmosphere and group tone that’s unmatched by anyone I’ve ever worked for before.

After all, financial planning is a serious business. Our advisor clients deal with real figures, real numbers, and real people’s lives. As a result, we have to deliver that same caliber of seriousness in Ironstone’s marketing and content to match their level of professionalism. No wonder our team and clients love her. She has a special spark, with the knowledge, resources, and success to prove it.

Two Fun Facts

In my free time, I’m very crafty. I have an Etsy shop called PoshPibble, where I create and sell personalized T-shirts and toy bins for pets that reflect their personalities. By the way, “Pibble” is an endearing nickname for pit bulls. They’re my favorite breed, but they’re sadly misunderstood. They are some of the kindest, sweetest dogs out there. The idea for the shop was inspired by my first love, a pit bull named LuLu.

I am truly passionate about pets. I think humans have to be the voice for the voiceless. Eventually, I hope to get to the point where I can donate my PoshPibble proceeds to rescue groups and shelters. I want to do my part to help homeless, abused animals. I’m a “Big Dog” Girl – give me the “Pitties,” the “Rotties” (Rottweilers), Great Danes, and Mastiffs any day!

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