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The Power of Thoughtful Client Gifts

  • By Ironstone
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  • December 4, 2018

While the primary focus of your practice is on your client’s finances, inevitably you also learn of situations that arise in their families.

Some of them may be positive achievements, like retirement, children graduating from school or college, or the purchase of a new home.

Other developments within a family may present challenges, such as an unfortunate health diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, or parents facing an empty nest once their kids depart for college.

In every case, acknowledging these milestones are an ideal time to reach out to clients and demonstrate your thoughtfulness through a carefully chosen gift specifically for the family.

At the very least, you should mark every milestone with a handwritten note on a branded notecard. It’s a tiny investment of time, but will be appreciated by every recipient.

Additionally, sometimes a gift can send a wonderful message of caring and thoughtfulness that your clients will never forget.

Thoughtful Client Gift Ideas

Did your client welcome a new baby or grandchild into the family? Consider a beautiful piggy bank that both welcomes the birth and ties in perfectly with the idea of savings.

Did they purchase a new home? Perhaps send a gift card to a big box home store to help with any projects or household needs, or an edible arrangement on moving day for them to enjoy while getting established in the new place.

Are they taking the trip of a lifetime to see a favorite part of the world? Perhaps provide them with luxury travel neck pillows for long flights or some other travel accessory or guide book to help them realize you wish them the very best experience.

In every circumstance, spend a few moments thinking about ways you may be able to creatively acknowledge these important life events.

Developing Relationships with Special Vendors

Depending on your location, there may be specialty vendors you find locally or others you find online that are your go-to gift providers in certain situations.

For example, we recently became aware of a wonderful company called Little Lilac Tree, a small business that hand-crafts customized, weighted blankets that help with all sorts of medical conditions.

“My friend’s daughter was diagnosed with Autism in 2014,” said Heather Biron, founder of Little Lilac Tree. “She asked me if I could make a weighted blanket for her, and I started to learn all of the uses for weighted blankets. A couple years later, Little Lilac Tree was born.”

Weighted blankets serve multiple purposes and help in many situations including autism, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, PTSD, ADHD and many more.

Imagine if one of your clients or their family members was experiencing one of these intensely personal conditions and you gave them a thoughtful blanket that relaxed and soothed them?

Next Steps

Going beyond finances and wealth management by acknowledging other developments in your clients’ lives is a guaranteed way to deepen relationships.

Consider local and online vendors, gift shops and other unique providers that can help provide thoughtful items your clients will appreciate and remember.

Take the necessary time to keep track of these important milestones, and your clients will more likely keep you for life.

Are you just getting by or are you getting better? Get started today!

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