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Video Shoot Tips for Hair + Makeup: Hire a Pro or DIY?

  • By Ironstone
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  • June 13, 2017

You probably couldn’t begin to count the number of hours you’ve spent in your life in front of the bathroom mirror. If anyone knows the contours of your face or the cowlicks in your hair, it’s you. But just because you’ve put on your own makeup and styled your own hair, doesn’t make you an expert.

Financial Advisors ask us all the time, “Should I spend the money to hire a professional makeup artist for my video shoot?”

financial advisor video hair and makeup

In this video, hear from one of our clients who had to answer that question for herself. And get tips from the makeup pro who helped transform her before the cameras started rolling.

Financial Advisors are quickly embracing video to help market their practice and bring their personality to life in ways that words on a website never will.

If you’re ready to showcase your financial advisory firm using the powerful medium of video, we’re here to help!

Guest Bloggers: Idea Decanter

Laura Garfield, Idea Decanter co-founder

Laura Garfield spent her teenage years idolizing Jane Pauley and Katie Couric. A thirst for learning and a love of writing had her hooked on broadcast journalism – where you didn’t have to know everything except how to ask the right questions. After graduation, Laura landed her first news gig at a tiny TV station in Hastings, Nebraska. Over the span of more than a decade, she worked her way up through stations in Omaha and New Orleans to a position at CBS News in New York and then CNN in Atlanta.

Along the way she has written a book, worked as a foreign correspondent, and has lately been drawn to the emerging possibilities of digital storytelling. Instead of a company relying on a big ad spend, with the Internet, you can be a broadcaster of your own brand. Laura believes that all you need to pull it off is a talented content marketing team (like Idea Decanter!) to help you craft your message.

Sharon Gottula, Idea Decanter co-founder

If you would’ve asked Sharon Gottula early on what she wanted to be, she would’ve quickly told you, “A Scientist!” The natural curiosity that had her pouring over her Discover magazines eventually lead to her discovery of cameras. Today, she looks through a viewfinder, not a microscope, but loves finding creative ways to tell stories about the complex.

Before getting into video, Sharon spent 20 years as a commercial photographer focusing her talent on everything from portraiture, to architecture and food. You may have seen her work in national and international publications such as Newsweek, Men’s Fitness and Prevention Magazine.

For 7 years, Sharon was the marketing director for Image Light Group, Inc. managing the USA marketing needs for Hensel Studiotechnik. Now based in Seattle, she offers a high-energy editing style to videos and photo essays and specializes in telling your story in 2 minutes or less.

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