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A Development Day Success Story: David Adams Wealth Group

  • By Ironstone
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  • October 18, 2017

Ironstone client David Adams Wealth Group was recently at an ideal point to have a Development Day.

The Challenge

As a business owner, David was feeling overwhelmed, and his team had a growing frustration over the minimal open communication versus email. Additionally, the team was unclear of expectations, but not comfortable asking for help or clarifications.

I knew it was the perfect time for their first Development Day, so we set the date and I made my way to Nashville to help guide them through what I knew would be a productive session.

The Solution

Jokingly, I started the day saying “David, this is actually your intervention.” Everyone laughed yet knew there was a little bit of truth in that. David was totally open to this and the lighthearted approach to kicking off the meeting helped David be willing to be vulnerable and get out of his own way.

Frankly, it was fabulous; one of the best Development Days I’ve experienced! Yes, they had some very honest (difficult) conversations with each other that helped move them forward – which may not have been the outcome without being onsite with the team to “mediate” and encourage dialogue.

He let the team drive the dialogue, and they tackled all the issues head on. They also celebrated lots of recent wins, which is important to keep things balanced and recognize accomplishments and positives.

The goal tracking poster and lots of poster-sized post-it notes were stuck all over the walls, all full of great ideas, next steps and long-term goals.

The Results

David’s firm is already seeing improvements including increased communication, clarity of roles and deadlines, and have a better understanding of David’s short and long-term objectives. Many business owners fail to share what they want and the direction they want for their firm, resulting in no one being on the same page.

“The biggest shift for us is, as a team, committing to the daily powwows, hour and a half staff meetings, and monthly Development Days,” said Chevonne Farler, COO of David Adams Wealth Group. “By us all committing to spending this time together, as a team, we are creating an environment to foster healthy face to face communication. We are able to step in and help each other when needed. We also realized, through talking with one another, that we desperately needed to cross-train our staff; and, now, we include training in staff and development days.”

Recently, David started the day by thanking his team for allowing him to go on the Raymond James Chairman’s Council trip and have the peace of mind that he could disengage fully without concern of what was happening at home.

Ready for your firm to embrace Development Day? You’ll be glad you did, and we’re here to help make it a success!

Are you just getting by or are you getting better? Get started today!

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