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Behavioral Finance – WARNING, Side Effects May Occur

BrainAccording to Bloomberg.com, financial advisors are relying more heavily on behavioral finance, the study of how unconscious biases affect financial decisions to coax risk-averse investors out of cash and into the markets.

Bloomberg.com provides us with several great articles to dig into the side effects behavioral finance has when you combine your money and your brain.

  • Zombies in Your Head, Not Mind, Control Daily Life: Interview…(Bloomberg.com)
  • Behavioral Economists Establish a Beachhead Within Obama Administration…(Bloomberg.com)
  • Robo-Investors Beware: What You Don’t Know Can Kill You: Books…(Bloomberg.com)
  • Chicago Economist’s ‘Crazy Idea’ Wins Ken Griffin’s Backing…(Bloomberg.com)
  • Lawmakers Seek to Extend Income as Retirees Outlive Savings…(Bloomberg.com)
  • Better Trading Through Science…(Bloomberg.com)
  • Wall Street Wants to Train Your Brain…(Bloomberg.com)

In addition, Bloomberg TV offers this advice:

Question: How do you close the gap between traditional investment theory and behavioral theory to meet the needs of your clients?

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