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Don’t Give Orders. Ask Questions.

  • By ironstonehq
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  • November 15, 2021

Good leaders have all the answers. Fact: Great leaders don’t know everything – but they can harness a “super power” that could be a game-changer. Here, Andrea recaps what it is (and why it works).

When I say the word “leader,” who comes to mind? General Patton barking commands at troops? Steve Jobs, who started Apple in his parents’ garage? Jeff Bezos, who conquered the world of online shopping, then reached for the stars in outer space?

Many of us assume that leaders are born geniuses who make bold statements and take decisive action. In some cases, that’s true. Yet Silicon Valley executive John Hagel III turns that image on its ear in this Harvard Business Review article. Rather than defining strong leaders by what they say or do, Hagel argues that true leadership demands an often-overlooked strategy: Asking the right questions.

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