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IRONSTONE IMPLEMENTERS Case Study: Phillips Financial Services

  • By ironstonehq
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  • October 15, 2021

Let’s face it, practice owners. Growth isn’t easy, but it’s essential to success. Yet growing pains can feel overwhelming. Who has time to assess what’s wrong? How do you address, no less fix, problems that plague your team? Fortunately, Ironstone founder Andrea Lopez-Schlapia and the Ironstone team are just a phone call away.

For this entry in our ongoing series, we sat down with the staff at Phillips Financial Services in Starkville, Mississippi. They reveal why they’ve hired Ironstone not once, but twice…and how the experience has transformed their business.

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Author Bio

Ironstone is a learning and development consultancy with business acumen that translates across many industries. Our focus is on practice management strategies in order to enhance and improve both business and personal life. We support professionals who want major and comprehensive improvements that look at all aspects not just an isolated area for change. Ironstone has identified 4 key performance areas known as the Fundamental 4™, which are required to design, develop, and sustain a successful business.