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Improve Office Productivity with Desk Yoga

  • By Ironstone
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  • February 26, 2013

Travailler plus...I know your first reaction is, “My office isn’t a fitness club”.  Providing a simple time block during the work day to increase team productivity will allow you to sit back and revel in the glory of a focused and engaged team.

By the end of the day my back hurts; I feel tension in my neck and my shoulders are cemented in a hunched position.  I am in desperate need of a high-priced custom massage chair and desk designed specifically for me; or perhaps another method that would enable me to remove the feeling of wanting to crawl into a ball at the end of the day.  In my quest to find a solution, I found a “not-so-new” answer.

My find is YOGA. Yoga is a combination of physical postures and breathing, often linked with meditation.

Do you realize poor posture causing back, neck and shoulder pain have a negative impact on productivity? Seattle-based yoga instructor, Michael Huffman, reminds us, “The human body was built to move more than sit in a chair, car or couch for a large chunk of the day. Leaning too far forward to look at a computer monitor or slouching causes neck and back aches, stiffness and cartilage compression.”

Benefits of Yoga at the Office

Make a simple change at your office by allowing employees to incorporate desk yoga into their schedule. Blocking 10 to 15 minutes a day for a little yoga time can:

  • Relieve stress
  • Improve moods
  • Increase focus
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Reduce carpel tunnel
  • More flexibility in your spine for lower back and neck comfort
  • Good posture

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga focuses on better breathing. Better breathing deepens and lengthens the breath; leading to physical, emotional and mental benefits. Combinations of postures, breathing and meditation can decrease your blood pressure and slow your heart rate. Most people will notice physical benefits of yoga the first time they try it. Known benefits of yoga:

  • Feel more limber and relaxed
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion in joints
  • Increase muscle tone, core strength and body posture
  • Stretches muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Prevention of heart disease, stroke and hypertension
  • Improve sleep

Download the Yoga App

I found a free yoga app to incorporate some moves into my daily routine. You can benefit with these yoga poses during the day by doing just a couple as your PC boots up and a few more during your mid-morning and afternoon breaks.

You can download the app I use right here or search for one that suites you better.  Better yet, business owners, give the app to your team as a gift. What a great idea to add a little fun knowing you will have a happy, healthy and engaged team on your hands!

Hats off to a stress free, limber and relaxed, engaged team!

Question:  What does your office do to improve employee wellness? Let us know if you try out the Yoga moves at your office! We want to know! (click here to leave a comment).

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